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Company Established in 1989 :: Company No. 4804942 :: On the web since April 4th 1997

You can rest-assured that our training events will offer a 100% supportive environment to aid the learning process.


At the outset, we will agree with you to what degree your learners will require stretching during their training with us. By providing extra challenges during the training, we can help your teams grow within the confines of a safe environment.


We all know that learning is an individual experience. With that in mind, we provide opportunities for all four learning styles to gain the maximum benefit from their learning experience with us.


The majority of our work is carrried out through training workshops. These are highly interactive and time-efficient events.


All our training solutions are bespoke. We tailor the content to meet your exact needs. We therefore don't run public nor ''off-the-shelf' training events. We can run our training on your premises or off-site according to your wishes. In our experience, off-site events are normally more effective.



In addition to workshops, we offer provate one-to-one consultancy for the ultimate in bespoke training solutions.


We believe that creating an impact with our materials is as important as the training itself. All delegates receive high quality training materials as part of the package.

HD Materials

We believe in optimising the numbers for our training events NOT maximising them. Typically our solutions cater for up to 10 delegates per event.

Optimum Size

We are totally learner-centric. This means that we have delegates' individual needs in-mind throughout the training event.


All our training includes an action plan allowing delegates to commit themselves to converting their learning into practice once the training is completed.

Action Plans

By default, we provide a wealth of practical tips and techniques on our training events. Management 'games' are used sparingly and only when necessary to reinforce a learning point.


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