Steve Palmer

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Steve Palmer 1991

To say I’m obsessed with the cars I’ve owned, would be an under-statement. I think we all remember our first car - mine was a 848cc mini-van, reg ‘FUU 605J’  and I loved it! The sad thing is, that I don’t have any photos - but maybe that’s a good on! It cost me 30 quid but I didn’t like the colour - dark blue! So my Dad suggested we repaint it. And he did mean rePAINT. Not a spray-gun in sight, but plenty of paint brushes. Noooo! It ended up being a maroon-colour with brush marks so thick, you could plant vegetables in the furrows. 0-60 in around 30 minutes and a top speed of 72 - and at that speed things really started to fall offt!!! Luckily, my next car was a bright red Ford Cortina MkIII - Just ONE photo survives (in the slide-show opposite) - and it looked cool! (Well, I thought so!)

Since then, I’ve been a bit of a Ford-fan and also dabbled in the luxury end of the market in the shape of a Jaguar and Lexus. I’ve also driven plenty of Japanese models - Nissan and Honda - all were superb value for money and very reliable. On the 2nd April 2011, I replaced the Mondeo and took delivery of my new Vauxhall Insignia and I’ve got to say, this was the BEST car I’ve ever owned! It was sad to return it when I retired and  closed the business in January 2013. Then, just when I thought I wouldn’t have a car for a while, on March 1, 2014, our good friend Lee, gave me her VW Polo! Then, on July 3 2014, I abandoned all sensible reasoning and bought a gorgeous Jaguar XKR - more pics of the ‘beast’ HERE.


My last two company cars

Jaguar XKR